To become a Rider

The ageAndy 2016 group we serve is 4 yrs old up to Senior Citizens.   Each rider must have our Rider Physician statement filled out and signed by their specialist or family doctor.    This form can be downloaded from our Forms page on this website.   Mail the rider forms into the address given on the contact page.  When we have received the Physician Statement form and reviewed it, our program director will contact you. Depending on the time of the year, the rider then will be placed on a waiting list.   Please be aware the rider is placed on the list only if we have received the Physician Statement signed by the doctor!  Waiting times vary, so do not delay in getting the Physician Statement in.  The Rider Form information gives us an idea of potential riding goals and class placement.

We do have some safety concerns that may render this activity to be unsafe, therefore denying a rider.  Our program director will be reviewing looking for such things.          For one example- if a rider has seizures that are not controlled by medicine or they have not been  seizure free with medicine for 6 months.  This brings a high risk of a seizure happening while riding, increasing the risk of bodily injury. Therefore making this an unsafe activity.             Another example is the potential rider has a  rod in their neck or spine.   If we find  something that maybe a concern, we will contact you to discuss it  further.

Please feel free to call our Program Director-Kelly Epperson at 812-393-0941 if you have questions about rider  qualifications.